Tips for getting best baby portraits

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To tell you the truth I am yet to get my best baby shoot. As far as my experience is concerned, I would like to share a few points with fresher's in the genre which may benefit them at large.

While shooting a baby, we have to keep in mind that the baby looks at the camera which can well be handled by making your lens more attractive by decorating it with colorful objects.

I personally keep a lot of time in hand for a baby shoot because they might just fall asleep any moment and trust me, for very long.

The parent with whom the child spends most of the time should be present around during the shoot.

Their presence is very important to make the baby laugh.

Client Testimonials

Thanks to ur photography skills Ritesh , you made our day " our sons annaprashan" so special the pictures that u clicked for us will always keep the memories of the day fresh for us. The photos were too good always wanted to have something like this which we can cherish forever..........
You Captured a moment that can never be reproduced. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories that i am taking along with me. Every time i look at the pictures i remember the time spent with my loved ones and it makes me feel nostalgic.
The photography was truly breathtaking and worth the effort. Your pictures make us relive those moments every time we view them.
Thanks Ritesh for the lovely clicks @ my daughter's Annoprashon. Keep up the good work!!
Keep up the good work

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