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Ritesh Ranjan Sett

If you are looking for those special moments of your life to get beautifully knit together, flowing in front of your gaze, leaf by leaf, Ritesh is the person your must catch up with. We have in Ritesh Ranjan Sett, the upcoming photographer, in his budding stage, who captures all those moments which would take you on a tour down the memory lane, that you would crave to revisit time and again.

The word “passion” is perfectly depicted in the portraits taken by Ritesh which frames the purest emotions of mankind. His zeal to capture various human emotions - be it love, anger, lust, anger, surprise, sorrow or joy - would definitely make your heart skip a beat. His endeavors have proved over time his outstanding dedication and precision towards the only focus of his life-photography.

Apart from portraits, Ritesh nurtures an interest in Fashion and Wedding. His motive to present the most prized moments of one's lifetime in a canvas of beautiful stills finds the best expression in the wedding albums creatively and actively designed by him.

Client Testimonials

Thanks to ur photography skills Ritesh , you made our day " our sons annaprashan" so special the pictures that u clicked for us will always keep the memories of the day fresh for us. The photos were too good always wanted to have something like this which we can cherish forever..........
You Captured a moment that can never be reproduced. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories that i am taking along with me. Every time i look at the pictures i remember the time spent with my loved ones and it makes me feel nostalgic.
The photography was truly breathtaking and worth the effort. Your pictures make us relive those moments every time we view them.
Thanks Ritesh for the lovely clicks @ my daughter's Annoprashon. Keep up the good work!!
Keep up the good work

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